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Why you should ask for a Free Estimate
We feel very strongly about providing you with an in-person, free estimate. In fact, even if you don't decide to choose us, we would advise you not to accept a phone or online quote on a replacement garage door, garage door repair or automatic garage door opener from anyone.

New Garage Door - Here's why
Every property is different, every customers needs and requirements are different. We believe that the very best way to serve our customers is to visit their property to establish exactly what they require. When a garage door is bought over the phone or online the customers is very often left on there own with no support or help and left to suffer the subsequent consequences.

Our experience and expertise means that you can have the confidence to know that the job is done right first time.

Garage Door Repairs - Her's why
There are many moving parts on your garage door or automatic opener. It is impossible to determine what "bad" or "problem" parts exist over the phone or online.

When you receive a free, in-person estimate from A1 Doors, our engineer will physically show you any faulty parts. The price that we give you gives you is exact, not a vague estimate. If you are happy with price we will fix the problem immediately. If not, we will leave the free estimate with you and will stand by the price if you decide to call us.
We can't be fairer than that!

Honesty and customer satisfaction are our priority.